Contractor Services


RISE Recruitment are dedicated to our responsibilities and Value added service of after placement care. Finding the right person is only the start of our process and service.

Our management team is focussed on ensuring our contractors arrive on site or in country ready to work. RISE Personnel works closely with clients and can arrange travel, Insurance, visas and accommodation, this managed service enables the contractor to start on their assignment with a seamless transition and stress-free.

RISE Personnel has the ability to work across the Globe and assist with anything from fitness-to-work medicals, MediVAC to insurance cover. Elements of the assignments managed include:

  • Visa and work permit administration
  • Travel services
  • Access to 24-hour emergency support, including medical, evacuation and insurance
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Pre-assignment fitness-to-work assessments and inoculations
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Security and criminal clearance

Working with RISE Personnel you can be assured your contractor will start on assignment in a position to apply their skills from day one. Our payment guarantee and individual payroll contact will comfort workers in knowing their payments will be made accurately and timely.

RISE Personnel Management also ensures that our contract professionals work in full compliance with all federal and state legal and fiscal requirements in the locations in which they operate and arrive safely and comfortably ready to deliver in the role they are contracted into.

RISE Personnel make it happen

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