OH&S Policy

RISE Personnel is a temporary and labour hire company providing temporary, contractor and labour hire services to the Technical, Engineering and Construction sectors in Australia and overseas. We also place people into permanent staff roles with with organisations and strongly hold the view that acknowledges no other business practice is more important than the safety of our people.

RISE Personnel is dedicated to the ongoing physical, mental and spiritual well being of its employees and all workers engaged to work at with our clients as well as any other people who may be affected by RISe Personnels operations. Our continual ongoing commitment is that all employees and workers are safe from injury and risks to health while at work.

To Ensure this RISE Personnel’s priorities, focus and objectives surround:-

Thorough interviewing of potential workers with an emphasis on understanding their needs and requirements so as to be able to best select workers with the knowledge, skills and experience required to be able to perform the tasks nominated by the host employer, safely and competently
To partner with the client and engage in active communications documenting to both the host employer and the worker stating clearly the terms and conditions between the parties, emphasising conditions relating to occupational health and safety;

To carry out an induction of the worker to provide details of the job, and provide basic generic OH&S information that would apply in the type of work or industry to which the job relates;

To engage with our clients who are also the host employer to obtain accurate details and criteria as to the type of work and the knowledge, skills and experience required by the worker to be able to perform the work safely and competently for the job as specified in the host employers position description. Upon clients inductions and training to ensure satisfactory outcomes are achieved for the worker.
To endeavour where accessible to assess work sites to verify the information provided by the host employer, and to be available for the host employer to advise of risks to health and safety associated with the nominated work and work environment;
To conduct a constant never ending improvement approach by re-assessing work sites where possible to confirm that the provision by the host employer to maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of all our workers;
To strive towards ensuring that the host employer carries out it’s duties for a suitable induction with job training and that an appropriate level of supervision is provided for all workers.
To compile accurate documentary evidence and records relating to all issues of employment and occupational health and safety;

RISE Personnel’s management has prescribed that our organisation will have a fully documented Occupational Health and Safety Management System containing detailed procedures designed to facilitate these aims.

The organisation is committed to ensuring that this management system is implemented into its operations.
The effectiveness and impact of this system is reliant greatly on the support of all our employees, host employer and workers; to this end each employee and worker is requested and required to be fully conversant and committed to the implementation of this policy.

Employees are responsible for :-
carrying out duties in a manner which does not adversely affect their own health and safety and that of others
cooperating with measures introduced in the interests of workplace health and safety
undertaking any training provided in relaiton to OHS
Immediately reporting all matters which may affect workplace health and safety to their supervisor and / or RISE consultant
correctly using any information, training, personal protective equipment and safety devices provided and reporting of any concerns.
only undertaking tasks for which they have authorisation and/or the necessary training and for which all necessary arrangements are in place.

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