RISE Power and Water

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Power and Water development projects are critical to meeting the needs Energy and Processing requirements of Resource projects and also communities living needs.
Our clients have worked projects and operations in Water facilities for water utilities, mining companies, power stations, manufacturers, industrial operations and energy providers. The overall focus of a responsible economy and corporate business is to provide Energy and water and manage waste in a safe and sustainable manner. With experience placing candidates into roles in the Scope and delivery of water and power facilities projects under a range of different contracting conditions. RISE is able to bring a wide network and talent pool to your Water business

Disciplines and projects we have experience finding candidates for and jobs within the water industry include
Transmission & amp; Distribution
Desalination Desalination, membrane and thermal technologies, including integrated power and water solutions
Water Efficiency Recycling and re-use, schemes for irrigation, process, non-potable and indirect Potable use
Water Sciences
Waste Water Collection
Municipal and industrial water / wastewater treatment
Integrated water cycle management
Groundwater and surface water hydrology
Stormwater, flood management and rainwater harvesting
Pipelines, pump stations and networks
Biosolids management, including beneficial re-use and waste to energy solutions
Dams and hydraulic structures

In the face of growing energy demand and the challenges faced of meeting this demand with power our clients are seeking to develop and execute effective solutions for a diverse range of energy, optimising performance of existing assets, and reducing carbon footprints.
Working with client asset owners, consultants and contractors from pre-feasibility through to full scope project delivery including operations and maintenance of assets gives the experience of recruiting to all segments of the power customer sector.

Advanced Coal,
Coal ,
Green and Brown field Coal Plants,
Gas turbine based plants ,
Nuclear ,
Power Networks,
Renewable Energy
Resource Power

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