Contract Recruitment

RISE provides on-hired and contract professionals, aligning the service and value proposition to meet the varied and dynamic requirements of our clients and candidates.
Our objective at RISE Personnel is to reduce our clients’ costs by providing quality employees at the right time, optimising their hiring process and providing flexibility and minimal risk in their workforce. The Company’s wide Network of candidates and rigorous candidate selection process means that we match the right candidates to the right role and organisation.
Clients can rely on RISE Personnel to deploy its skills and experience in the specialist areas of recruitment, the interview process, testing and selection, background checking, placement, and payroll processes to ensure they achieve their business objectives by hiring the right people not just the available people. We achieve measurable results by attention to the following processes:

Screening & Selection
All on-hire personnel are thoroughly screened prior to selection. Our process is flexible to meet the needs of the client and the role. As optional features RISE can offer health and police checks, and other testing as required.

A thorough induction process facilitates a smooth transition into the workplace. We work with employers to become familiar with the site and work practices, ensuring all necessary information is provided for compliance with work safe and OHS Legislation. Contractors are given a host employer induction checklist and acknowledgement form and expected to play an integral part in the OHS of the workplace.

Account Management strategy
RISE Personnel partners with clients to build long-term relationships by understanding your business and people. Working with your people to provide appropriate service solutions combined with formal and informal reviews forms a structured strategy to grow the business relationship and ensure ongoing never ending improvement.

We focus on assisting you to retain key employees through an level of service that is very individual with personalised feedback mechanisms.  The recognition and reward of continuity means working with Clients retention systems for their on hired workforce to enhance service sustainability and quality. RISE Personnel strive to be an advocate for both clients and contractors who are equally valued and supported.

The invaluable feedback from our contractors is vital to improve and develop service standards. We believe on-going communication and contractor care is a crucial element to improving our service to candidates and in turn the business of our clients.  Feedback assists in methods to attract quality candidates to our client’s whilst also optimising their performance on the job and ensuring safety is the overarching principles of the work place. By fostering a sense of contractor community candidates benefit from a network of contacts and we are able to build long-term relationships with our candidates who request to work through RISE Personnel when they have sourced their own position.

We understand and respect the paradox of everyone having different circumstances and requirements. RISE Personnel therefore offers a variety of candidate engagement options to align with your particular individual requirements. We emphasise the personal level of service we offer to achieve contractor satisfaction by resolving any concerns as they arise in a friendly and impartial manner, face to face unless impractical, as well as a guarantee of ensuring that you are paid on time, every time with an approved time-sheet and or invoice.

Uncovering Required talent not just available talent

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