Permanent Recruitment

RISE Personnel brings an Executive Search and Advertised Search Consultancy Service to work as closely as you need together to source candidates based on key factors including skill, qualifications, motivation and cultural fit.  Through a variety of service delivery options each with tried and tested comprehensive recruitment processes to ensure the right candidate is found not just the available candidate.
We offer a 100% Service guarantee on our Permanent Placed candidates with our clients.
Our flexible approach to permanent recruitment means we can work with you to undertake sections of the process or all of the process suit your time-frame and budget.

Candidate Attraction
As a specialist Recruitment organisation, we utilise the latest technology in Customer Relationship Management Software,  Social Media, Media Posting Portals, Industry Specific Database’s, Networking strategies for industry contacts, Systematic and Intuitive operations.  RISE has a strong presence in the respective disciplines and industries in which we operate. With our effective candidate recruitment tactics in place, we align with employers to develop strategic recruitment campaigns that will meet your needs within a specified time-frame.

Screening & Selection
Our permanent recruitment processes are flexible to meet the needs of the client and the role.
Clients often look to RISE to assist in areas such as Drug and Alcohol, Health, Qualification verification and Police Checks, and other testing as required.

RISE Personnel assists you to adopt a strategic approach to your recruitment. We can offer guidance and ideas for you to determine criteria for candidate selection and in assessing shortlisted candidates against these criteria.

Post Placement Activity
RISE Personnel offers 100% guarantees on permanent placements. However to ensure satisfaction and identify issues that may arise during the period following the permanent hire, we maintain contact with all parties independently to ensure everyone is satisfied with both the Engagement and our service.  As the independent party we have extensive experience in helping manage the teething problems that can be experienced in a new employment relationship. We remain available to assist in any way necessary. Candid thoughts and considerations are welcomed, after all, the feedback received assists us in servicing your future requirements !

Uncovering Required talent not just available talent

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