Environmental Policy

RISE Recruitment respects and recognises the value of the environment to the community and future generations. We understand our responsibility to work towards sustainable development through the accountable and engaged use of energy and resources.

At RISE Personnel we recognise and welcome that the industries we are integrated with are governed by strict requirements and enforced processes for Health, Safety, Security and Environmental concerns.

We have gained extensive experience and trust with major multinational operators in global and local markets and have ensured that these practices are standard in our daily operations.

Our experienced consultants have an understanding and responsibility to understand these requirements and HSSE initiatives. Through an alignment and appreciation of this we can meet our clients specific demands and establish connections to the best specialists to meet their job requirements.

We acknowledge the need for commercial development in the engineering industry as well as sustainability and maintenance of the environment. RISE Personnel actively promotes and is committed to working with our contractors and clients in the area of Environmental Protection.
We engage with our contractors in ensuring that all hazards and dangerous substances are reported in compliance with our procedures. Where possible we visit and regularly monitor our clients to ensure they comply to monitor their environmental performance and policies. RISE Personnel seeks assurance that all our clients fulfil their commitment in observing all environmental laws. We actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices within RISE Personnel and amongst our clients.

We do this by ensuring that contractors commencing with a client receive all necessary documentation and training to enable an efficient understanding of their rights and obligations in relation to Occupational Safety & Health, Security, Environment and Sustainability and related policies. Candidates are required to complete a checklist that confirms understanding at the host client and their obligations to report to RISE Personnel any issues.
RISE Personnel will:

  • Actively promote a sense of environmental responsibility amongst our people.
  • Communicate with and involve all interested people on environmental issues in an open and timely manner.
  • Conserve the natural and cultural environment in all our operations in a socially responsible manner.
  • Work with and apply the principles of continual improvement, waste minimisation and pollution prevention.
  • Strive to continually improve our environmental management system.
  • Meet all legal obligations and industry agreements both in letter and spirit.
  • Develop, monitor and review environmental targets and publicly report environmental performance.
  • Execute cost-effective measures to abate greenhouse emissions as part of business decisions.
  • Seek to become an example in the development and application of sustainable energy.

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