Equal Opportunity Policy

RISE Personnel is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We strive to provide a work and environment that fosters equity, fairness and respect for social and cultural diversity and that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and vilification.

RISE Personnel employees’ and contractors should understand their responsibility to contribute to the achievement of a productive, ethical, safe and equitable work environment. This responsibility also extends to visitors to RISE Personnel, contractors and consultants and other people aligned with or external to RISE Personnel with whom we interact as part of our work.

This Policy relates to all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection, progression and promotion, job classification, professional and career development, supervision, interpersonal relationships and other work-related behaviour.

We are aware of and have worked with Migrant Resource Centres and various other centres/ departments that can recommend Aboriginal and Islanders people, those from non English speaking backgrounds, and those with disabilities.

RISe Personnel is aware of the principles behind Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation and actively encourages these principles with our clients.

Indigenous Policy
RISE Personnel respects the rights of indigenous peoples and those affected by our client presence within their communities. We recognise and support the importance of retaining culture and heritage and of working together with our clients to produce mutual benefits with minimal social and cultural disruption.

Graduate Program Initiatives
RISe PErsonnel actively encourages our clients to undertake formalised Graduate Programmes for the benefit of long terms sustainability in skills and organisational growth. We support graduate programs as essential to the future of Australia in the Engineering and Resources Sector. We are available for career options advice and industry knowledge sharing to graduates and advice on the presentation of their resume.

The RISE difference

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